Tim Schultz is an Australian artist who lives and works in Sydney.

He is presently engaged in a doctorate degree at Sydney College of the Arts.

The title of his doctoral thesis is “Perversity of the Recrudescent Rococo”.

“In the Freudian discourse, perversity belongs both to the pre-Oedipal infant and to the imperfectly Oedipalised subject. My thesis is to propose a metaphor of the eighteenth century Rococo as the pre-Oedipal perversity of the Freudian subject, whose nineteenth century resistance to Oedipalisation produces the perverse subject, resistant to modernity, of the recrudescent Rococo”.

“The cyclopean orb is a phantom, mounted in the perverse idealization of spectral Second Empire fashions. Its pupil is the vanishing point, a hollow cartouche like the orifice in the perfume burner, dispensing and absorbing the milky light that shines on Narcissus. Why is Second Empire Rococo so sinister and droll?”

Jakob Schlupfyr descending the staircase – a falsehood “more beautiful and terrifying than the white truffle of death,” a “glaring ornamental coprophagy” of the rocaille.

Tim Schultz is represented by The Commercial